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Steam Bath Blues

A Musical



Libretto and Lyrics by Billie E. Hazelbaker

Music composed by Jerry Danielsen

When: September 16th and 17th

Time: 7:30 pm

Where: 1661 Old Henderson Rd, Columbus, OH 43220

Bring resume, photo, and a prepared song. Accompanist will be provided.

Performances: November 7-16 at Dublin Rec. Center

PAID: Each actor will receive stipend of $500

8 men. 7 women. 40’s-60’s. One female early 30’s.

Every part is a major role.

Director: Bill Goldsmith

Musical Director: Stephanie Stephens

THE STORY: Seven wealthy men are sitting together in a Steam Bath at the Willow Creek Country Club after a round of golf, when they start complaining about their lives: Their jobs, their companies, their homes, their wives – nothing is right. When, one of them says: “We could all just disappear.” Why not? They’ve paid their dues. They have the means, and, as crazy as it sounds, these men do it. They decide to just bail out. To leave. To disappear. One of them, a bank president, arranges for half their money to be secretly left for their wives. They set a time and date, hope aboard a private plane – and without a word to anyone – they are gone. And we follow them on some of their adventures.

Meanwhile, the wives are distraught. Completely freaked out. Their husbands are gone – vanished without a trace. No one can find them. When it becomes clear that each of the women have suddenly come into half of the marriage assets, suspicions are aroused at the police dept., and arrests are made. But the ladies are quickly found innocent and we follow them as they move on with their lives. And they do move on. In fact, they thrive! They take over their husband’s businesses and are very successful at it. Life has never been better.

As for the men, they have followed their dreams, lived out their fantasies. But when they read on social media about their wives success without them, they realize they can’t go back. Or can they